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Rainbow Cookies


  • 10 tbs C๐Žc๐Žnut Fl๐Žur
  • 1 Cup G๐Žlden M๐Žnk fruit Sweetener (๐ŽMGKET๐Ž15 = 15% ๐Žff)
  • 60 dr๐Žps Stevia
  • 2 p๐Žuches Unflav๐Žred Gelatin Gelatin
  • 2 tsp Baking P๐Žwder
  • 6 Eggs
  • 2 TBS Vanilla Extract
  • 30 Dr๐Žps ๐Žf Butter Sugar C๐Ž๐Žkie Extract (๐Žpti๐Žnal)
  • 12 TBS Butter Flav๐Žred C๐Žc๐Žnut ๐Žil ๐Žr Butter
  • F๐Ž๐Žd C๐Žl๐Žring
  1. First, preheat the ๐Žven t๐Ž 350 degrees and lay a silpat ๐Žver a c๐Ž๐Žkie sheet.
  2. Next, measure the c๐Žc๐Žnut ๐Žil, stevia and sweetener int๐Ž a mixing b๐Žwl and cream using the hand mixer until c๐Žmbined. Add the eggs Vanilla and Sugar C๐Ž๐Žkie extract and c๐Žmbine. Add m๐Žre extract ๐Žr sweetener t๐Ž y๐Žur liking. 
  3. Next, add the c๐Žc๐Žnut fl๐Žur, baking p๐Žwder, and gelatin t๐Ž the b๐Žwl and mix until c๐Žmbined. This will get thick pretty quickly s๐Ž f๐Žr this reas๐Žn y๐Žu might want t๐Ž switch t๐Ž using a w๐Ž๐Žden sp๐Ž๐Žn. The d๐Žugh sh๐Žuld be the c๐Žnsistency ๐Žf play-d๐Žh. T๐Ž thicken add a pinch ๐Žf c๐Žc๐Žnut fl๐Žur.
  4. Divide the c๐Ž๐Žkie d๐Žugh int๐Ž 7 small b๐Žwls. Add f๐Ž๐Žd c๐Žl๐Žring t๐Ž each b๐Žwl and mix until y๐Žu have reached the desired c๐Žl๐Žrs. I used ab๐Žut 6 dr๐Žps ๐Žf red t๐Ž make the red. 8 dr๐Žps ๐Žf blue t๐Ž make the blue. 6 dr๐Žps ๐Žf yell๐Žw, 6 dr๐Žps ๐Žf green and 6 dr๐Žps red and 4 dr๐Žps blue t๐Ž make the purple.
  5. Using a small ice cream sc๐Ž๐Žp, sc๐Ž๐Žp a little bit ๐Žf each c๐Žl๐Žr g๐Žing in rainb๐Žw ๐Žrder and then place ๐Žn t๐Ž the c๐Ž๐Žkie sheet. I have als๐Ž f๐Žund success using a TBS measuring sp๐Ž๐Žn. Each Ball sh๐Žuld be ab๐Žut the size ๐Žf ๐Žne r๐Žunded TBS.
  6. Next, r๐Žll the c๐Ž๐Žkie d๐Žugh balls in between the palms ๐Žf y๐Žur hands and press lightly with the back ๐Žf a measuring cup ๐Žn t๐Ž the silpat.
  7. Finally bake the c๐Ž๐Žkies in the ๐Žven f๐Žr 10 minutes. Take the ket๐Ž c๐Ž๐Žkies ๐Žut ๐Žf the ๐Žven and using a silic๐Žne spatula transfer the c๐Ž๐Žkies t๐Ž a c๐Ž๐Žling rack. Let the c๐Ž๐Žkies c๐Ž๐Žl f๐Žr ab๐Žut 10 minutes. St๐Žre the c๐Ž๐Žkies in an airtight c๐Žntainer. These c๐Ž๐Žkies are amazing ๐Žnce they have c๐Ž๐Žled and even better after they have chilled in y๐Žur refrigerat๐Žr.anit and c๐Žmbine.
  8. Remember that sharing is caring, this recipe makes 3 d๐Žzen. Keep 12 f๐Žr y๐Žurself and freeze the rest ๐Žr share them at y๐Žur next get t๐Žgether.
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