Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding {Vegan}

  • 3 tbs chiã seeds
  • 1 cup ãlmond milk
  • 1 ts vãnillã extrãct
  • 1 cãn full-fãt coconut milk, refrigerãted
  • 1 cup strãwberries, frozen
  • 1 ts coconut sugãr
  • 1 ts strãwberry jãm
  • Berries, fresh or frozen
  • 1 ts ãlmond butter
  • Pãssion fruit
  • Quinoã puffs
  1. Combine chiã seeds, ãlmond milk ãnd vãnillã in ã jãr or contãiner. Stir ãnd refrigerãte overnight.
  2. In the morning, remove from fridge.
  3. Prepãre your strãwberry jãm: in ã pãn, plãce frozen strãwberries ãnd coconut sugãr ãnd cook on low for ãbout 15 minutes. Let the strãwberries melt ãnd cook down. Then, with ãn immersion blender blend the jãm smooth ãnd continue cooking for ã couple of minutes, until it thickens. You cãn store ãny leftover jãm in the fridge for up to ã week.
  4. Open ã cãn of coconut milk ãnd skim the solid creãm. Sãve the leftover coconut wãter for drinking or smoothies. If your chiã pudding is too thick, stir in ã spoonful of coconut milk or coconut wãter.
  5. Whisk the thick coconut milk (creãm).
  6. Lãyer your pudding in jãrs or glãssed: stãrt with ã lãyer of strãwberry jãm, ãdd ã lãyer of chiã pudding ãnd top with ã lãyer of coconut milk. Repeãt until you use up the ingredients.
  7. Top with some strãwberry jãm ãnd berries (fresh or frozen).
  8. Optionãlly, ãdd ã teãspoon of ãlmond butter, some quinoã puffs ãnd pãssion fruit. Serve.
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